5 Beard Mistakes You Need to Stop Making

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Let’s face it — Growing a beard isn’t a walk in the park.

Whether you’re growing a beard for the first time or you’ve been doing it for years now, you’d have made several beard grooming mistakes on the way. I used to make many mistakes in my beard grooming, so I don’t wish you make the same.

After a lot of research and learning from the beard mistakes; I made in the past, here I address some common beard mistakes that you should avoid so that your efforts to grow a beard does not go in vain.

Here are some beard mistakes you should stop making right away:

  • Shaving High on the Neckline
  • Not Brushing Beard Every Day
  • Not Washing Beard Properly
  • Losing Patience Early
  • Not Applying Beard Oil

Shaving High on the Neckline

Many men tend to shave their beards under their chin too. It can be possible that men make this beard mistake unknowingly, but it’s a blunder big-time as it can make your full beard look much weird. You should make sure you shave your beard just above your Adam’s apple while keeping your head straight. If you’ve already shaved too high on the neckline, trim the beard on your cheek to a short length for making your neckline look less prominent.

Not Brushing Beard Every Day

Men do not think of brushing their beards, only growing them is enough. However, like you brush hair on your head every day, you also need to brush your facial hair for keeping your beard prim and proper. Moreover, brushing your beard helps you grow hair downwards, let the beard oil get distributed evenly and remove beard dandruff. But to brush your beard, use a wood comb because plastic combs cause static and make your beard frizzy.

Not Washing Beard Properly

The most common beard mistake made by men is not washing their beards properly. Washing your beard 2–3 times a week properly should be a part of your beard care regime. However, many men wash their beards with a hair shampoo, which strips away moisture and natural oils from the beard. For a healthy and fuller beard, you need to use a beard wash. I use The Men’s Lab Beard Wash, enriched with coffee, aloe vera and tea tree oil, made to improve hair growth and quality, skin-moisturizing and more.

Losing Patience Early

Most of us give up too soon when growing beards. As said earlier, growing a beard is not an easy task, as you need to keep a lot of patience throughout the process. You should give your beard a good time when you’ve decided to let it grow, don’t make the mistake of chopping it off early because you’re losing endurance. Just forget that you’re trying to grow a beard, so you can restrain the urge to shave it if you don’t get expected results.

Not Applying Beard Oil

If you’re genuinely prompt to grow a beard, one beard grooming mistake that you should surely avoid is not applying beard oil to the beard. Not like hair shampoo does, but many beard washes also pull off the natural oils from the beard, so you must use beard oil every day for optimum moisturization and giving long-lasting shine to the beard. Ideally, you can use a natural beard oil made using essential oils, best to promote hair growth, moisturize and bring a bevvy of other benefits.

So, if you’re amongst the ones growing a beard for the first time, do not fail to avoid making such mistakes. With the proper research and practice, you’re sure to get a healthy, longer and thicker beard and make your life a little easier.

I really hope you found these pointers helpful. You can always get in touch with me if you wish to know more about beards or need any sort of guidance.

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