5 Essential Skincare Tips for Men With Oily Skin

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If your skin feels greasy within some time of cleansing, shines most of the time and have bouts of blocked pores or acne, every now and then — yes, you’re one of the men with oily skin!

Oily-skin men face a tough time dealing with their skin because it’s more prone to acne, unwanted natural glow and greasiness. However, oily skin is just a skin type, like all other skin types. So, men with oily skin, you don’t have to curse it or hate it — all you need to do is manage it rightly.

Here I will help you with some essential skincare tips for oily skin men but before that, let’s understand briefly what oily skin is!

What is Oily Skin?

Skin needs natural oil to remain soft, hydrated and moisturized. The amount of oil your skin of the face produces defines whether you’ve got dry, oily or combination skin type. So, if your face leaves you with a frequent greasy appearance, it indicates excess oil production, which is a sign of oily skin. When sebaceous glands of your skin create excess sebum, oily skin occurs.

Skincare Tips for Men with Oily Skin:

  • Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day
  • Exfoliate Your Skin
  • Moisturization is Must
  • Use a Toner
  • Apply a Face Mask Once or Twice a Week

Cleanse Your Face Twice a Day

Cleansing your face is the most crucial skincare tip for men with oily skin. For healthy-looking skin, you need to use a men’s face wash twice a day, preferably once in the morning and night. However, make sure you use face wash based on skin type and avoid using soap on the face.

Ensure that you use a face wash designed specifically for oily skin. Use face wash for men with oily skin that removes excess oil and impurities, fights acne and helps oxygenate the cells. Simply pour the face wash on moist hands, apply it on the face, gently massage the skin and then wash the face.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliation revives and rejuvenates your skin, so must be a part of the skincare regimen of oily skin men. A face wash works well to remove excess oil and dirt from the skin, while an exfoliating face scrub for men shovels bacteria, oily buildup and dirt from your pores.

Moreover, a face scrub for men helps remove dead skin cells from the face and prevent acne blemishes. As people with oily skin are prone to acne, using a face scrub for exfoliation works wonderfully to give the skin that’s cleaner, brighter and healthier. You should use a scrub, not more than once or twice a week.

Moisturization is Must

Moisturization is essential for every skin type, so oily skin men should also moisturize their skin. You need to apply moisturizer to your face every day. Moisturizers work to pull moisture from nature and seize it within your skin. However, you don’t have to use any handy moisturizer; pick the one that suits your skin.

Men with oily skin can give volcanic face cream a try designed to benefit oily and acne-prone skin. As a man with oily skin, I have personally tried this Volcanic Face Cream, and I found it light-weight and hydrating. It’s a natural and vegan face wash, a must-have if you’re into using natural products!

Use a Toner

For people with oily skin, you should include toner in your skincare regimen. Skin toners lessen the oil accumulation and inflammation, remove impurities and shrink the pores. Toner offers you a sweet spot between cutting back the oil and reviving the skin. It makes more sense to use a naturally-made toner.

Using chemical or alcohol-based toners can make your skin feel dry and irritated, so make sure to check the ingredients list when you buy one. You should use the toner after washing your face but before applying the moisturizer. Besides, you can apply toner even after shaving, so the skin soothes.

Apply a Face Mask Once or Twice a Week

Another good way to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin is using a face mask once or twice a week. Face masks work well to deep cleanse your skin. Apply a face mask for men, let it stay on your face for 10–15 minutes, then rinse it off. Don’t use a face mask not formulated for your skin type since it won’t serve the purpose.

For men with oily skin, The Men’s Lab Volcanic Ash Clay Face Mask works excellently. The presence of natural ingredients like volcanic ash clay and activated charcoal in this face mask works gently on the skin to prevent and fight acne, detoxify the skin, de-tan, unclog the pores and more.

So, this is how you take care of your oily skin. Make sure to follow a regular skincare regimen and treat your skin right!



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