5 Spices that Go in My Spice-Box during Summers

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That time of the year is here when we enjoy refreshing chilled juices or drinks, ice creams and ice-gola.

Yes!! I am talking about the summers. Summertime comes with a bunch of exciting moments that we all cherish forever. However, it also comes with some set of difficulties. Summer heat can cause rashes, skin irritation, sweating and heat strokes. And, to keep you safe, it’s essential to keep the body cool.

According to Ayurveda, spices serve the best to provide cooling effects to the body. Spices and herbs help keep the body cool during summers and beat the heat. So, it’s good to know about summer spices to stay cool always no matter how hot it’s on the outside.

Keeping the cooling effect of some spices and herbs in mind, I change the spices in my spice-box every summer. Some of the spices stay common, while some cooling spices and herbs are included in the hot summer months. In this post, I’ve discussed some summer spices that help you cool down.

Here’s a sneak-peek into my summer spice box!

  • Fennel seeds
  • Cumin seeds
  • Coriander
  • Mint
  • Turmeric

Fennel seeds

One of my favourite spices to keep in my Indian spice box is fennel seeds. We all know the cooling effect fennel seeds give. And it’s not surprising that why fennel seeds are offered as mouth-fresheners after the meal in the restaurants. With the cooling effect of these seeds, your gut stays healthy, and you remain far away from after-meal acidity and indigestion. If you aren’t aware of ways of using fennel seeds more during summers, then devour them after every meal or try out a fennel drink.

Cumin Seeds

Cumin seeds have their permanent place in the spice-boxes during any season. One of the most popular spices, cumin seeds, is known to add a rich aroma and flavour to the dish. However, their consumption way changes during summers. As cumin seeds are excellent for detoxification and to ease gas and bloated stomach, I dry roast them and add them to salads or curries in summers.


Coriander comes with a host of health benefits and is one of the most used spices in Ayurveda. In addition to its health benefits, coriander can add flavour and refreshment to almost any Indian dish. As a child, I used to play outdoor during summers; whenever I came back, my mom would give me a glass of coriander-grapes juice to drink so that my body gets relaxed and I feel fresh.


Mint has to be your ultimate choice of a cooling spice. Much more than a remedy for bad breath, mint works wonderfully in cooling down your body heat. A punch of mint to my lemonade and I am all energized! You can also add mint to imli-pudina, dhaniya chutney and fruit salads. Though, do make sure to buy fresh mint from the vegetable market. You can also grow mint at your home, it’s pretty easy to do so, and you will also be free from the hassle of going out to buy some.


Last but not least, the wonder spice in my summer spice box is — Turmeric. I don’t even have to tell you how healthy consuming turmeric is because we all know that, right? But, still I will talk about turmeric for the cooling effects it gives to the body. Turmeric works best to evade the toxic inflammation of the body that rises during summertime. In addition to that, we also know how effective turmeric is when applied to sun-tanned or heat infected skin. This spice is unquestionably a must in your spice-box!

I’ve personal experience of using these spices some or other time during summers, and as a matter of fact, they actually help my body cool down and make me feel relaxed.

However, you won’t be able to avail benefits of these spices if you don’t buy them from a good-quality brand. Always buy spices from a brand that doesn’t compromise on the quality.

I hope you found this post valuable. I’d love to hear from you in case of any suggestions or questions.

Happy Summers!



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