7 Helpful Ways to Prevent and Reduce Hair Fall in Men

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Hair fall in men has been an extensive problem for quite a while now. Oiling, eating right, de-stressing, maintaining a good hair care routine etc., are a few of many ways to prevent hair fall. Scroll down to read about such easy and effective ways to reduce hair fall in men!

Being a man, have you been noticing your shiny strands of hair lying down on the floor or your brush for a long time now? You could be feeling quite hopeless!

Although, you’re not the only one. Hair fall in men has always been a huge problem. All man loves having their head full of healthy and shiny hair, especially, when that’s marked as an indication of youthfulness and good health.

Despite this, due to some or other reasons, most men suffer from hair loss. There are several causes for hair loss, including genetics, low-nutrition diet, stressed lifestyle, vitamin deficiency, pollution and more.

If you reckon that you’re experiencing massive hair loss, then stick to this piece. Read on some super helpful tips to reduce hair fall in men!

Check out 7 helpful hair fall tips:

  • Oil Your Hair
  • De-stress Yourself
  • Develop Good Eating Habits
  • Follow a Good Hair Care Regime
  • Keep Your Head Off from Sweat
  • Style Your Hair Carefully
  • Say No to Smoking and Drinking

Oil Your Hair

Oil can be a little sloppy sometimes, but it’s still an excellent way to reduce hair fall. Massaging your scalp with essential oil helps improve blood circulation, cure scalp infections and dandruff and support your hair follicles to stay productive. Oiling protects hair from external damages and is a prominent reason behind beautiful and strengthened hair!

De-stress Yourself

Experts refer to stress as a silent destroyer. Stress is a reason behind so many diseases and conditions. Likewise, it is also a high contributor to hair fall. If you’re suffering from hair loss for a long now, you need to get your hand on activities like yoga, meditation, aerobics etc. You cannot eliminate stress, but by stress management activities, you can lower it considerably.

Develop Good Eating Habits

For controlling hair fall, you need to feed yourselves lots of iron and protein. Foods that are rich in vitamins, iron and protein promote healthier hair and fabulous hair growth. Making small changes in your diet will lead to a positive impact on reducing hair fall in future. Moreover, having a balanced diet alone might not be enough, so follow an exercise routine too.

Follow a Good Hair Care Regime

Having a good hair care routine is of great significance. Washing your hair with good shampoo and conditioner helps you control hair fall and make your hair look shinier and healthier. I would highly recommend you to use The Men’s Lab Keratin Hair Shampoo and Keratin Hair Conditioner; I have been using both for months now, and trust me, my hair has never looked this smoother, thicker and healthier!

Keep Your Head Off from Sweat

If you’ve got a career that requires you to stay outdoors, you must cover your head with a scarf or hat. Wearing a helmet can cause a lot of sweat, leading to weakened roots. So, the man who wears a helmet suffers through a lot of hair loss in summers. Hence, it’s a vital hair fall tip for men to wear hats or scarves, as that will assist you to prevent hair fall.

Style Your Hair Carefully

Are you the one who likes using several styling products on your hair? I would suggest you don’t do so. Using too many chemical products for styling can cause hair damage and hair fall in the future. So, make sure you use natural hair wax or hair gel for styling so that your hair remains smooth and frizz-free!

Say No to Smoking and Drinking

Hair loss has been troubling y’all big-time now. Do you know if you’ve got a habit of smoking and drinking, then your hair fall trouble isn’t going away anytime sooner. Yes, smoking cigarettes lessens the flow of blood to the scalp causing decreased hair growth. Likewise, alcohol intake will also weaken your hair growth. Save your hair by quitting smoking and drinking.

The more you care; the better will be your hair!

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