Alkaline Water- Myth vs Fact

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Many health specialists are claiming that Alkaline water has numerous health benefits, which is very good for us, but there is no solid proof yet, and so in this article, we’ll compare all the facts and decide whether Alkaline water is worth all the hype or not.

et’s not beat around the bush and say that we all hate drinking water no matter how good it is for our health, and there is no denying it. And now people are coming up with all these different types of water like ionized water, Kangen water, alkaline water, etc., which is creating a hell lot of confusion among us.

Yesterday we were reading about how good the water purifier is, and now we are hearing that it is eliminating all the necessary minerals from the water. And on the other hand, we are hearing how Alkaline water is packed with healthy Alkaline minerals that are good for us.

So, after thorough research and trying Alkaline water myself, I’ve stated down some Alkaline water myths and Alkaline water facts.

Myth 1: Alkaline water is not good for health

Fact: From my research and my experience so far, I can say that it couldn’t be much further from the truth. Alkaline water has many beneficial minerals present in it that help us in keeping the diseases at bay. Moreover, it has a pH level of 8 or 9, which is the ideal pH for salutary gastrointestinal health.

Myth 2: Alkaline water prevents illness

Fact: There is no solid proof that Alkaline water directly prevents illness, but it definitely helps indirectly. And I can say that the main cause of those diseases is the high level of acidic content in the stomach from studying different diseases, which Alkaline does not allow to grow. So, Alkaline water i.e., pure water, may indirectly help in preventing illness.

Myth 3: Alkaline water is not safe for kids

Fact: Well, that’s not true. Alkaline water is definitely safe for kids, and it is a hundred times better than regular water. Regular water has many harmful particles like micro-plastics, chlorine, rust, bacteria, parasites, pharmaceuticals, etc., resulting in unpleasant odours and tastes, which is definitely dangerous for your kids, unlike Alkaline water.

Myth 4: Alkaline water has anti-aging properties

Fact: It is a common fact that drinking ample water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, which ultimately helps in maintaining healthy skin. But not any normal water that does not have any necessary minerals does that. The water should have the necessary minerals, and the ideals pH level, and that is Alkaline water.

Myth 5: Alkaline water is over-hyped

Fact: Definitely not, Alkaline water has lived up to the expectation and the hype created by some well-known celebrities and companies. I do not whether it is a miracle cure or not, but it is clearly miracle water that has many health benefits. There is some scientific evidence that also proves that Alkaline water alleviates stomach pain and gastrointestinal problems.

If you want to learn more about Alkaline water health benefits, do to check this out.



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