How to Make a Career in the EV Industry?

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Electric vehicles have become a hot thing now. With rising awareness for environmental concerns, the popularity of electric vehicles has skyrocketed. If you’ve got an inclination towards building a career in the EV industry, check out this post.

Electric vehicles are the future of transportation.

Electric vehicles have become the most popular now. The way WFH has become common — we can say that the day is not so far when electric vehicles will also become a usual thing on the road. They will indeed be the future when it comes to movement!

Do you know India is the third-largest country that emits Co2 in the world?

Yes, the need to adopt electric vehicles in India is crucial. The Indian government has also made efforts to go electric as soon as possible. Considering everything goes well, 30% of electric vehicles in India will be moving on the road by 2030.

Needless to say, the future in the field of electric vehicles looks hopeful. The growing advancement in technology and more people becoming environmentally conscious plays an extensive role in increasing the demand and popularity of electric vehicles.

Let’s dive deeper into knowing the career prospects and employment opportunities in the EV industry.

Career Prospects in Electric Vehicle Industry:

India is a prominent market for the growth and advancement of the electric vehicles business. Furthermore, like Tesla, many other auto-makers are also likely to set up their plant in India, expanding the EV business in the country. With a rise in the number of people choosing electric vehicles, there will be a rise in green and skilled jobs for the future years.

If you incline to the electric vehicles industry, embarking on your career in the industry with a Masters in Electric Vehicles programme would be a perfect start for you. You can build a flourishing career by enhancing your knowledge in the industry and gaining industry-specific skills. Your education and expertise in electric vehicles matter the most to thrive.

You need to explore some of the best universities to get the best-in-class education and up skill yourself. One such college, which I feel best to study, is Marwadi University (MU). Master’s in Electric Vehicle Course at MU will help you get knowledge and skills related to the EV industry, and besides that, you get 360-Degree learning, leading to excellent overall development.

Job Opportunities after an EV Course:

With sustainable development being the ideal way out for a better future, the scope in the EV industry is very promising, and the job opportunities learners in the industry are endless. As India is yet to become fully grown in the EV market, there are no predefined job roles for EV graduates.

The field is highly dynamic, and so it needs professionals from chemical, electrical, mechanical and automobile engineering. After completing the Masters in Electric Vehicle course, the job opportunities you can get in the EV sector are:

One has to design and test components like batteries, generators and motors in the design and development sector. Besides that, finding affordable solutions to reduce vehicle costs also comes under the job role. The fields require software engineers, technicians, and industrial designers etc., to work in this sector.

Professionals with experience in chemical and material science areas can take up a job in the research field. The sector requires professionals to stay up to date with trending technologies and how to improve battery charging, recharging technology and so on.

Maintenance is something every worker can do. However, electrical systems require workers skilled in electrics. The maintenance workers need to install, change and repair batteries as required in the electric vehicles.

The rise in the number of electric vehicles will require more charging points on the road. So, there is a need to install and update charging points. Professionals like installers, electricians and powerline repairs can fulfil the need for building charging infrastructure.

The manufacturing sector requires professionals like machinists, industrial managers, equipment assemblers etc., to remain focused on machine and production aspects. The professionals also need to work for administering processes like machine tool operation and assembly.

As electric vehicles have started to get acceptance, the future in the field seems bright and hopeful. If all these have motivated you to become a part of this futuristic field — begin exploring and gaining knowledge for the same from now itself!

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