Importance of Personality in Choosing the Right Career

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In all your life, you have to keep on making decisions every then and now. And out of all these decisions, one of the most important and an impactful decision of your life is choosing the right career. You spend more than 75% of your life working, and so choosing a career based on your personality is your way out for a happy work-life!

Did you know that on an average almost 90,000 hours in your life you end up working? Isn’t it a risk not choosing the right career?

Selecting a career based on who you are will help you get maximum job-satisfaction and a feeling of fulfilment in your profession. Your personality and career should be aligned with each other so that you enjoy work, give the best results and ensure higher productivity.

In the end, it’s all about choosing a career, which doesn’t give you Monday Blues!

Why is choosing a career based on your personality is so important?

Your work, rapport with teammates and job-satisfaction might be some of the factors that drive you every day to work. But apart from this, personality is one of the leading factors that help you stay productive and positive at work. Let us look at a couple of reasons that indicate the significance of going for a career based on your personality.

You fit into the organization’s culture:

The upper hand you will have when doing the work that matches personality is that you don’t find it difficult living in the work culture. To give you an example, if you love to interact with people and have an extrovert personality, then sales, PR, media companies are the right fields to go in.

Similarly, if you are an introvert person, then the organizations that give you more independent working environment and facilitate you to work backend are the best. Choosing the field based on your traits will definitely result in improved performance and good compatibility with colleagues.

Help discover strengths and weaknesses:

Identifying your strengths and weakness holds a lot of importance when it comes to figuring out your personality. The strengths and weaknesses are helpful to figure out what are your skills, what are you good at and, which are the areas that need improvement.

So working in an organization where your work is aligned to your positives and similarly helps you to improve on your negatives will be the ideal thing to do. So playing on strengths and covering weaker areas will lead to higher job performance and satisfaction.

How to figure out your personality type?

To know your personality type, you have to bombard yourself with a lot of questions. And make sure that you be true to yourself, do not get influenced and be loyal in your answers. It is only you who can discover your strengths and weaknesses.

Also, you can consider opting for free personality tests available online. It will help you with a detailed report on what traits you have and what type of profession you can choose.

Apart from this, spend a lot of time listing your skills, interests, and experiences. Ask yourself questions like — what am I good at, what are my work and educational achievements, and what do I like doing outside work etc.

There are a lot of theories that help establish a relationship between career and personality types. Here, I am discussing John Holland’s theory. There are six types of personality traits in this theory, you might feel connected with one or more personality type, but you fall into only one of those types.

Realistic: These are physically strong people and possess a lot of strength. Some examples are truck drivers, farmers, builders, pilots etc.

Investigative: They are logical people who love working with a lot of information. Examples would be like doctors, mathematicians, scientists etc.

Artistic: They are creative thinkers, not the ones who like desk jobs. Like, to work in their own space where they can think creatively and imaginatively. Examples are dancers, musicians, painters etc.

Social: They are caring in nature, and love to interact. Full of compassion they are more likely to be nurse, teachers, counsellors etc.

Enterprising: They like the company of other people, but they are more towards dominating them. More like leaders, some examples of enterprisers are lawyers, journalist, managers etc.

Conventional: Disciplined people — they like rules, regulations, orders etc. Secretary, clerk, typist etc. are some examples.

Know yourself more by asking questions and figure out, which is the best profession for you that matches your personality. Because you must love what you do and do what you love, right?



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