When I was in school, I was very much interested in languages as compared to other subjects. I always participated in the various essay and story writing competitions. I also had a keen interest in reading stories and articles featured in kid magazines. From that time, the love for writing began.

As I grew up, I found great interest in writing informative topics. I love to make people aware of things that they lack knowledge of and help them in their life. But I found myself very indecisive with my topics as I was having an interest in multiple areas. So I started writing whatever I found interesting.

I completed my bachelor’s and masters in English literature. In my second year of college, I wrote a book and published it on various online platforms. I also wrote many articles on current affairs, education, business, food, and technology.

After completing my master’s, I started working as a content writer in a corporate. I wrote for technologies and medical-related articles. Many of my friends were into freelancing, writing for various clients. So I tried my luck over there. As I was writing for a very long time and had a strong portfolio, I got many clients online. Working and freelancing both were difficult to manage, so I left the corporate and started focusing on freelancing.

I heard about medium a lot and did some research to know more about it. I found it as a great opportunity and finally decides to write some originals on medium. The main reason to write on medium is that it gave me free space to write on anything. In freelancing, I have to create content for a specific client on a particular topic, but in the medium, I was free to write on anything. It automatically reaches the interested audience.

So, today I decided to write on medium. It is my first blog post. I will write here for multiple topics every week. Wish me luck.

An avid writer that writes on anything that comes into his mind.