Top 7 MBA Skills that Employers Seek for in 2021

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Many students would have made up their minds to pursue an MBA course, considering the popularity and prospects an MBA degree holds to build a worthwhile career.

However, what matters the most to employers when hiring MBA graduates is what MBA skills students have gained and how efficiently can they apply those skills in the corporate environment.

So, ideally, you need to know what MBA skills are in demand amongst employers to crack the interview and survive in the profession.

Knowing MBA skills before starting the course will help you understand where to invest more time and effort while studying. So, here are some skills required in MBA students that employers consider valuable.

MBA Skills in Demand by Employers in 2021:

  • Communication Skills
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leadership Skills
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving
  • Resilience
  • Interpersonal Skills

Communication Skills

One of the most sought-after MBA skills is being an excellent communicator. Employers prefer aspirants who can communicate the message with clarity and efficiency to clients, superiors and peers. MBA degree supports you sharpen your communication skills because you will be required to communicate in presentations or share your perspectives during classroom learning activities, now and then.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is a super essential skill required by employers. To think in a strategic way, you need to seek pertinent information, challenge your own perspectives and assumptions and brainstorm to come to a solid decision or conclusion. Strategic thinking also requires you to be quick and efficient in dealing with competitors and the market. MBA degree imparts extensive knowledge and the ability to think strategically when working in an organization.

Leadership Skills

Like communication skills, leadership skills also hold paramount importance for employers. Employers seek to hire leaders who possess the quality to adapt to new contexts and unexpected situations rapidly. Besides that, leadership means taking responsibility for something, which brings efficiency in the work being done and value to the organization. Fortunately, students have a lot of opportunities in their MBA to obtain leadership skills.


Whether it’s personal life or professional life, you need to be adaptable, no matter what. You need to have a quick adapting nature when working in an organization. In today’s environment, where the work models have changed & market situations are highly fluctuating due to the pandemic, companies need employees who can adapt to circumstances quickly and don’t let the work productivity suffer. Being adaptable is a much crucial MBA skill you need to grow.


When you work in project groups with diverse people, you brainstorm together to figure out the issue, and you get varied perspectives on how to solve it, which helps you improve your problem-solving skills. MBA educates you about finding answers to complex problems by thinking, strategizing and delving deeper into them. A problem-solver is quite imperative to get solutions to unexpected and unreasonable situations in the organization.


You know why MBA helps you become more resilient when you enter the corporate world because the journey of an MBA degree is itself full of ups and downs. In MBA, your projects might fail, exams may not go fine, not every assignment you had put effort into turns out to be the best. The same struggles you face in a corporate setting. However, having experienced such struggles and setbacks already in an MBA, you’re ready to keep going ahead.

Interpersonal Skills

MBA helps you communicate effortlessly and cooperate with others through group assignments. Plus, employers highly value interpersonal skills because that drives a positive and motivating working environment in an organization. Expressing gratitude, resolving disputes and listening to others are some of the most crucial interpersonal skills you need to succeed in a professional environment.

These were some much-needed MBA skills that employers look for in graduates.

  • So, you’ve made your mind to pursue an MBA?

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